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The Sky was split; Now we stand.
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Thank you for looking over my stuff :heart: (or not...^^;)

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+Kee'rah+ by insanityNothing
+TWG Secret Santa 2013+ by insanityNothing
Magical Girl Jess by insanityNothing

PRICES CAN VARY!!! I am open to Haggling ;) Discounted Prices for Close Friends.

All IRL friends, AlchemistKitsune, Ms-Chowder and Chikamizaki get free stuff.


$1 (100 :points: |50 :points: for close friends) more per each extra character.
Super Detailed Commissions - $10
Rox by insanityNothing
Final 2D Project by insanityNothing
Territory Commission by insanityNothing
500 :points: for close friends.

this is for specific poses, really specific details in character desigsns, or difficult backgrounds

Price listed is for ONE CHARACTER only. It's $1 (100 :points: |50 :points: for close friends) more per character.
Colors with background - $5
At the Peak of Heaven by insanityNothing
Feather Song by insanityNothing
PTJ - A journey Begins by insanityNothing
150 :points: for close friends

Price listed is for ONE CHARACTER only. It's $1 (100 :points: |50 :points: for close friends) more per character.
Colors; no background - $4
Comet and Vion by insanityNothing
Flintpaw +AT+ by insanityNothing
Nimbus, Demon of Storms by insanityNothing
100 :points: for close friends

Price listed is for ONE CHARACTER only. It's $1 (100 :points: |50 :points: for close friends) more per character.
Lineart - $3
Lineart Example by insanityNothing
Bigger -->

75 :points: for close friends

Price listed is for ONE CHARACTER only. It's $1 (100 :points: | 50 :points: for close friends) more per character.
Sketch - $2
Sketch Example by insanityNothing
Bigger -->

50 :points: for close friends (listed above)

Price listed is for ONE CHARACTER only. It's $2 (200 :points: |100 :points: for close friends) more per character.

$3 (300 :points: | 150 :points: for close friends) for more detailed backgrounds
If you don't have a lot of points
Commishthings by insanityNothing
Bigger -->

(From left to right)
50 :points: (equivalent to 50 cents) -- Quick, Messy Sketch
100 :points: (equivalent to $1) -- Clean Sketch
100 :points: (equivalent to $1) -- Custom Adoptable Design


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The more detailed the commission the more expensive it will be -- check my commissions FAQ (listed above)

People who inspire me: (the people who make me want to be better!)
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I'm also friends with most of my MoonClanners and other TWG pals -- y'all are listed in whom I'm watching on my PatchyFallenstar account, if you're interested <3


Also, please don't ask me to fave your stuff or watch you. If I'm not already, there's a reason for it!
Though sometimes I just don't see things ;) If we're friends please feel free to send me whatever~

Comic Account - Nothing-Roxas
Tumblr - RedEyesWhiteShota
Group - The-Warriors-Guild
Warriors Account - PatchyFallenstar
[casually uploads this one day late] Oh well I took the day off of work today (I'm feeling sick) So I might as well share a bit of history with you guys!

I joined DeviantART on November 20, 2007 under the username Eevee-Angel. I found the site as I was using Google Images and Photobucket for my picture-finding needs and was like, oh man, I hate seeing all these repeats of the same pictures over and over. I stumbled upon DA thinking it was like Photobucket, but with much less repeats (little did I know that there was a rule against reposting others' art, as I soon found out)

I was 14 at the time, and the first few things I uploaded were my favorite pieces of art from other people -- primarily from the deviant VengefulSpirits (Sorry!) I got called an art thief and a horrible person for taking Ash's art on my first week here and thought about leaving. I never wanted to be a part of a community that was so harsh. But of course, after explaining the misunderstanding, things calmed down. I didn't return for a few days, but when I did, I had decided that I wanted to show off my own art.

Lunch Time Pikachu by insanityNothing Lunch time Pikachu V2 by insanityNothing
This was the first piece of art I ever uploaded to DeviantART, and it's redone version from 2010. The first was done with a mouse on MS Paint, and as you can tell, I was a little....fond...of the circle tool. Most of the comments pointed this out as well, and suggested that I try freehanding it. Of course later I recreated it, and I want to do so again to show my improvement.

DTAM -- Pawprint Eye by insanityNothing DTAM -- What Is Snow? by insanityNothing
These monstrosities were born from that, but at least it was something of my own talent and skill. Here they are with their remade versions. :) During 2007 was a time where I was involved with a Guild on (also called The Warriors Guild, for those who know my current group) and while I decided to practice my art by doing requests for the members there, I still was not very good at drawing cats. You could kind of tell they were felines...kind of...

Scarclaw of MoonClan by insanityNothing Jayflight by insanityNothing FireClan by insanityNothing
Of course as time progressed I became a bit more comfortable in not only the style I was using but also being able to draw quickly with satisfying results. After 2009, the Guild kind of died out, much to our dismay...we went to High School, we didn't really have time for it anymore, and everyone else kind of parted ways. I began doing my own stuff, creating my own characters. I was uncomfortable with drawing humans, so everything was a creature of some sort or other, and most of the time they were like a mix of cat-wolf-foxes? I'm sure many people were very confused. Anatomy was not ever something I was worried about.

True Reflections by insanityNothing Kiranti's Wings by insanityNothing 91: Drowning by insanityNothing
My main character for a long while was named Chockelle, who had a "dark side" of her that she transformed into called Kiranti. I'd joined an Oekaki board somewhere around the road and made a few good friends there, all of which were better than me, but nice to me all the same. They really made me want to be better. I began using Paint BBS intermittently with Paint.NET. I received my first tablet in 2009 on my 16th birthday as well, so I was trying out a lot of new techniques with it. Honestly, I picked it up right away, and have used one ever since. Anyway, Kiranti later became my favorite, and I ditched Chockelle altogether.

This? This is Nothing by insanityNothing Persona -- Panduh by insanityNothing Fallen Feathers by insanityNothing Nothing in the Snow by insanityNothing
A fateful day in August was when I first came up with the idea for Nothing. In all honesty, I thought of her when I was taking a shower and thought, You know what would be boss? A creature named Nothing. That'd be hilarious. And later that week or month I drew this little puffball. Originally it had no gender, and could alter it's appearance at will, and was just a little wisp of a thing. I was trying to branch out from my previously all-female character bias, and eventually I made Nothing officially male. I was also trying to draw humans a bit more, and had a "persona" called Panduh because I was ORIGINAL AND EDGY XDDD but really I was a giant dork.

Similar Differences by insanityNothing Shadowed Secrets Background by insanityNothing Freezie's Comic by insanityNothing Partners - Jess and Soul by insanityNothing
I began writing stories like Shadowed Secrets and Broken Silence, both based around creatures instead of humans. Later of course I would start Pokemon Trainer Jess and become a little more adept at drawing humans....sort of. Still very anime. Anyway, I had a lot of original characters spring up here, like a more well-defined Nothing as well as Freezie and Seven, and Checkers. Jess became my true Persona and Nothing my fursona, though lately I've stopped calling her that because I'm not a furry lol. The comics became my life and sole reason to be on DeviantART, which is a shame because the art in them is kind of...not good. I constantly have plans to redraw them, but alas, no time to do so.

Ravensong - FireClan Border Patrol by insanityNothing I Will Not Bow by PatchyFallenstar Twopelt by PatchyFallenstar Flame Pool Falls by PatchyFallenstar Frog vs Frog by PatchyFallenstar
In 2012, GeneralPanic and I re-created The Warriors Guild. I'm happy to say that it it a HUGE success! Though I still wasn't very good at drawing cats or backgrounds, I can absolutely, positively say that the Guild has affected my art for the better. The pictures here are the very first thing I ever drew (completely free-hand, no ref) for TWG, a few of my favorites, and the latest thing I have drawn.

I want to thank everyone who has stood by me, supported me, helped me, critiqued me, laughed with me, and been there for me through these 6 years on DeviantArt. I really appreciate every single one of you, you help me become better, not only in my art but as a person. I really, really...couldn't have done it without you guys <3 I love you all!

Thank you.

:heart: / Jessica

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